Retro green

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Inspired by the 60s revolutionary and pleasant designs. Rounded edges and fresh juicy green colour of Tourmaline gemstone, finished with a signature dot.

  • 14k solid yellow gold 
  • Green tourmaline (11mm x 4mm)
  • 1.4mm square shaped ring
  • 1.5mm solid gold dot
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      How to measure my ring size?

      The best way to measure your exact ring size is to head over to a local jewelry store/workshop and figure it out.

      When to measure my finger?

      Do not measure a finger when it is cold or too hot as this can have a significant effect on a ring size. For example, when your fingers are cold they can be at least half a size smaller.

      How should the ring fit?

      • Your ring should fit comfortably, so that it is tight enough not to fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckles 
      • Remember that no two hands are exactly alike. A ring worn on one finger on your left hand won’t fit perfectly on the same finger on your right hand.

      Is the size equal for all ring models?

      The style of the ring also affects the size: for a thinner ring you should consider a smaller size than for a wider ring.

      What if I'm buying a gift?

      If you are buying the ring as a gift, please contact us and we will try to help to figure out the right size by requesting additional information from you like hand photos, body height, etc.

      Can’t decide between two sizes?

      If you can't decide between two sizes, we suggest you choose larger rather than smaller size.


       Inner diameter (mm) UK / Australia US / Canada
      12 1/2 A
      12.5 1 1/4 B 1/2
      13 1 3/4 C 1/2


      2 1/4 D 1/2


      3 F


      3 1/2 G


      4 H 1/2


      4 1/2 J


      5 1/2 K 1/2


      6 L 1/2


      6 1/2 M 1/2


      7 O


      8 P 1/2


      8 1/2 Q 1/2


      9 R 1/2


      9 1/2 S 1/2


      10 U


      11 V 1/2


      11 1/2 W 1/2


      12 X 1/2


      12 1/2 Z 1/2

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      Delivery cost & time


       5 eur
      TNT courier
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      EU 20 eur
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      USA 30 eur
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      + any local taxes and duties
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      Rest of the world
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